Data Safeguard™

Data Safeguard’s™ Data Privacy product suite intelligently redacts and masks customer’s sensitive and personal data to meet global, federal, and state-level regulatory and compliance requirements. Our Synthetic Fraud product suite prevents financial losses using advanced AI/ML models, algorithms, and data accelerators to capture key components of trends and patterns to identify Frankenstein Identities. The products are deployed to provide corporations speed and agility when addressing changes in the environment that affect customer’s PII sensitive and personal data as well as prevent synthetic fraud financial losses. 

Data Safeguard’s CCE® solves business problems that were long considered previously unsolvable and humanly impossible. With a foundation in artificial intelligence, Cognoscible Computing Engine is capable of revolutionizing the data privacy and synthetic fraud solutions in ways we could not have even imagined a few years ago. As businesses aim for higher productivity while keeping costs to a minimum, Cognoscible Computing Engine helps accomplish this by automating customer privacy protection and data safeguarding, using CCE as the underpinning of products like redaction (ID-REDACT®), masking (ID-MASK®), global synthetic fraud losses (ID-FRAUD), anti-money laundering (ID-AML), data science lab (ID-DSL) while enabling companies to focus on diligent commitment to protect their valuable data at its source to avoid penalties and prevent financial fraud losses. Cognoscible Computing Engine is not a single technology, but a combination of models and deep learning based on experience, learning from existing dataset of methods and tools with sub domains applied to countless situations. With Cognoscible Computing Engine, Data Safeguard can implement forward thinking technology and apply AI to learn from companies existing data. The value from, Cognoscible Computing Engine doesn’t come from implementation, the value comes from using AI to understand the scope, risks and vulnerabilities each organization carries today.

Data Safeguard’s™ Data Privacy product suite encompasses advanced AI/ML models and algorithms and data accelerators to deliver speed, agility, ease of deployment, and operational efficiency. We use complex algorithms to comprehend and extract relevant information at speed.


Data Safeguard’s™ AI/ML models/algorithms are optimized to take advantage of the data accelerators massive parallel processing capabilities. The NEC Corporation data accelerator used in our product evolved during the past 30+ years from supercomputers and HPC systems. Data accelerator processes the largest volume of data in the shortest possible time, while achieving the highest possible accuracy.


Data Safeguard’s™ AI/ML models/algorithms achieve 94.5% accuracy in identifying, parsing, confirming, and redacting PII data. The models/algorithms process massive volumes of data using the data accelerator which reduces the high cost of moving small amounts of data.


Data Safeguard’s™ framework based scalable rules engine that seamlessly handles multi-level compliance scenarios in real-time. Intelligently identifies customer preferences and tags the correct data appropriately in multiple environments to meet compliance guidelines. The rules engine supports GDPR, NIST, HIPPA, CCPA and other compliance guidelines.


Data Safeguard’s™ Data Privacy product suite’s differentiating advantage embedded in the AI/ML empowered algorithm automatically redacts and masks sensitive and personal data from unstructured (Emails, PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint), semi-structured and structured data. The Synthetic Fraud product suite embeds AI/ML empowered advanced computational formula comprising of millions of permutations and combinations to filter out Frankenstein Identities vs real person.


Data Safeguard’s™ configurable UI enables data stewards to automatically update policy updates quickly and seamlessly to meet both data privacy and synthetic fraud compliance guidelines. Numerous non-standardized data privacy laws make compliance overwhelming.


At Data Safeguard™, our best-in-class products offer customers optimal integration, resulting in faster Time-to-Market at the lowest cost.

Data Safeguard™ products have gone through the life-cycle of incubation through maturity. The products have been fail tested and hardened and made complex customer ecosystem implementation ready by regularly interacting with customers during the evolution of the product suites.