Our Core Values

Our Evolution

The Data Safeguard team is comprised of Silicon Valley serial entrepreneurs and experienced business and technology executives. Our expertise comes from years of specific industry experience at some of the world’s top companies in the financial services, healthcare, retail, and technology segments in Data Privacy, as well as Synthetic Fraud, risk management, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Our global network of R&D centers empowers us to develop best-in-class software products using our amazingly innovative international talent.

Core tenets of Data Safeguard

  • Data Safeguard is sensitive and personal data and other critical corporate data resources for our valued customers.
  • Commit to delighting our team members around the globe.
  • Commit to supporting and delighting our customers around the globe.
  • Commit to being meaningful, transparent, supportive, and respectful while holding diversity, inclusion, and equity values at the organization's center.
  • Advance workplace diversity, inclusion, and equity to support all cultures and ethnicity.


Answering the universe's call to solve ever-changing Data Privacy and Synthetic Fraud challenges.


Data Safeguard empowers our team members to delight customers and reward our shareholders passionately. Data Safeguard delivers highly integrated and hyper-accurate Data Privacy and Synthetic Fraud solutions that were previously unsolvable and humanly impossible.


Data Safeguarders know the company culture by heart; we embody the organization's unique social and psychological personality and express the core values, culture, ethics, behaviors, and beliefs.


Data Safeguarders live by core tenets that drive our values and define our existence. We strive to be the best team and company globally while being good corporate citizens.


Data Safeguarders are guided by strong moral and ethical standards in their daily interactions with team members, customers, partners, and shareholders. We carefully balance shareholders' needs with those of the community and always consider the environmental impact of business operations.


Data Safeguard promotes a fun-loving, family atmosphere, supports mentorship, technologically advanced, and makes a difference in our global work environment. 


Data Safeguarders are committed to trust and reliability, using our best practices-driven model to do it right from the start and pioneer the secured future of our customers and our company.


Data Safeguarders are committed to our quality and performance systematic process aimed at helping achieve our mission and strategic goals by improving effectiveness, empowering team members, and streamlining the decision-making process.

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