ID-REDACT® from Data Safeguard Inc. Now Available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Data Safeguard Inc. has made its AI-powered SaaS product, ID-REDACT® , available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, allowing global Microsoft Azure customers to access this solution. ID-REDACT® is designed to redact Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data in complex data environments, aiding in data privacy protection and reducing the risk of data privacy fines. Built on the CCE® AI platform, which includes hand-coded Machine Learning Models and Algorithms, ID-REDACT® ensures precise data processing in intricate data scenarios. Data Safeguard's team comprises experienced professionals in data privacy, risk management, AI, and machine learning, positioning the company as an industry leader. By collaborating with Microsoft, Data Safeguard intends to expand its product's global reach through Azure Marketplace's extensive network of cloud solution providers. Jake Zborowski, Microsoft's General Manager for Azure Platform, emphasized the importance of partner solutions optimized for Azure's ecosystem. ID-REDACT®'s functionality includes automatic detection, identification, confirmation, tagging, and redaction of PII data elements using AI and machine learning, thereby assisting organizations in adhering to regulations such as GDPR, NIST, HIPAA, and CCPA. To learn more about ID-REDACT®, interested parties can visit its Azure Marketplace page or Data Safeguard's official website. Data Safeguard positions ID-REDACT® as a crucial tool for compliance with data privacy regulations and the prevention of synthetic fraud financial losses, catering to diverse sectors needing secure PII data redaction in intricate enterprise setups.

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