Enterprise Data Privacy - Global Privacy Legislation

Data privacy laws and regulations continue to evolve, GDPR is not the only personal privacy regulation, and it certainly won't be the last. Privacy legislation is appearing in more and more countries across the globe. Today, there are more than 120 countries already engaged in some form of international privacy laws for data protection to ensure citizens and their data are offered more rigorous protections and controls. International privacy regulations for data protection will continue to evolve and develop to ensure personal data protection across all use cases and situations, even those that have yet to present themselves.

Data executives at global organizations will have no choice but to adopt cross-regulatory compliance strategies to keep up with ever evolving policy. Cross-regulatory compliance begins by determining in what ways data privacy regulations overlap to combine compliance efforts. The good news is that the products offered by Data Safeguard reliably meet regulatory standards and protects all sensitive and personal data in all cases.

The Privacy principles

The data privacy laws are generally guided by the five global privacy principles:1.

  1. Notice – advising users, visitors, readers, and users of the policies in place to protect personal information.
  2. Choice and consent – providing people with choices and consent around the use, storage, management, and collection of personal information.
  3. Access and participation – ensuring the information is accessed and used by the correct people within the right security protocols.
  4. Integrity and security – ensuring that the data is secure and that there is no unauthorized access.
  5. Enforcement – ensuring that the service, site, solution, and platform are aligned with some form of regulation that enforces compliance.

Benefits of Data privacy protection

For Data Safeguard, these rules and regulations are all driven by international data protection laws, and offers the following benefits:

  • Robust data privacy policy framework protects data from leaks, loss, and theft.
  • Brand value is intact and can increase customer, investor, and public confidence.
  • Increased trust and credibility across multiple markets and customers.
  • Improved data management and control, resulting in improved innovation and transformation.
  • Good governance improves a company’s competitive advantage.

“Cyberattacks will increase significantly because of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. It is critically essential forevery business to protect customer’s sensitive and personally identifiable information”. “I am excitedabout our Data Privacy suite of products that control the proliferation of sensitive and personal data in theenterprise environment,” said Mr. Lowen, Data Safeguard Inc’s Chief Privacy Officer.

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