Data Safeguard™

Data Privacy, also known as information privacy, is an area of data protection that concerns the proper handling of sensitive data including, notably, personally identifiable information but also other confidential data.

Our Data Privacy products ensure automated redaction and masking using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology where necessary within the data ecosystem as well as help meet GDPR, NIST, HIPPA, CCPA and other regulatory and compliance requirements.


The ID-Mask product consists of extensive capabilities to intelligently mask sensitive data including unstructured, structured and semi-structured data in non-production, development, sand-box, system integration testing, user acceptance testing and training environments. In addition, it also provides transformation techniques that substitute sensitive information with realistic functional masked data to protect confidentiality while managing data lineage through data lifecycle.

Corporations that collect, analyze and/or share sensitive personal data, are facing data privacy challenges that puts the company at risk. Privacy is a growing concern for companies as it is critical to their operations and risk management procedures. Corporations responsible for keeping such data secure from leaks and breaches are finding that global, federal and local compliance enforcement policies continue to add risk for noncompliance. Corporations are increasing their investments in risk management and data privacy compliance to protect their customers personally identifiable information and meet compliance requirements according to the growing number of Data Privacy laws such as GDPR, NIST and CCPA.