Protect Your Subscriber Data

Retail organizations can build trust with customers and stand out from competitors. Collaboration between suppliers, buyers, distributors, payment systems, storefront systems and subscriber engagement presents a significant challenge in protecting subscriber confidential data and meet privacy and compliance needs. The retailers struggle to balance subscriber engagement with enhanced data protection and security requirements while fraud tactics are constantly evolving. Retailers fall victim to data breaches; compromising subscriber confidential records as well as meet cyber criminal threat for Synthetic Fraud.

Meet Global Compliance

Data Safeguard™ Data Privacy and Synthetic Fraud products automatically detect, identify, confirm and tag sensitive subscriber data appropriately to redact or mask using advanced AI/ML algorithms that promotes subscriber privacy and thwarts cyber criminals that use Frankenstein Identities to cause financial losses. In addition, our products help meet global, federal, and state level data privacy and compliance requirements (GDPR, NIST, CCPA) leading to increased trust.

Delight Your Subscriber

Subscribers, suppliers, buyers, distributors, payment systems, storefront systems, provide greater experience for data privacy and compliance, reduced cyber criminal activity leading to highly engaged ecosystem, resulting in better business outcomes as well as delighted subscribers.