Protect Your Consumer Data

Technology advancement in retail has created an experience of glowing screens, bi-metrics scanners, and robotic personal assistance. Personal and sensitive data is being collected using multiple devices, data privacy and compliance requirements are often ignored or difficult to implement. The threat of experiencing data breaches and exposing confidential consumer data has been greatly amplified. Today, the retail industry is struggling to protect sensitive and personal data collected through multiple sales channels. Hacking syndicate is evolving and looking for loopholes in the customer engagement lifecycle. Retail industry has suffered significant losses from data breaches; compromising consumer trust leading to loss of revenue.

Meet Global Compliance

Data Safeguard™ Data Privacy products automatically detect, identify, confirm and tag sensitive patient information appropriately to redact or mask by using advanced AI/ML algorithms that promotes consumer privacy and the ease of operation. In addition, our products help meet global, federal, and state level data privacy and compliance requirements (GDPR, NIST, CCPA).

Delight Your Consumer

Consumers, suppliers, technology providers, payment processors, and businesses experience greater data privacy and compliance confidence leading to highly engaged ecosystem, resulting in better business outcomes as well as delighted consumers.