Protect Your Patient Data

Interoperability and patient engagement are the future of healthcare. In the Electronic Medical Records era, patients, members, payers and providers are leveraging technology to access, process and transfer health records, the threat of experiencing data breaches and exposing confidential health records has greatly amplified. Today, the healthcare industry struggles with balancing patient engagement with enhanced data protection and security while fraud tactics are constantly evolving. Healthcare industry falls victim to data breaches; compromising medical records as well as PII information on millions globally.

Meet Global Compliance

Data Safeguard™ Data Privacy products automatically detect, identify, confirm and tag sensitive patient information appropriately to redact or mask by using advanced AI/ML algorithms that promotes patient privacy and the ease of interoperability. In addition, our products help meet global, federal, and state level data privacy and compliance requirements (GDPR, HIPPA, NIST, CCPA).

Delight Your Patient

Patients, members, payers and providers experience greater data privacy and compliance confidence leading to highly engaged ecosystem, resulting in better business outcomes as well as delighted patients.