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Data Safeguard™

Artificially intelligent, humanly impossible, previously unsolvable, hyperly accurate demo of our enterprise class products. 

Technological Office

Enjoy a comfortable office environment with the most modern technology setup.

Great Co-Workers

Work with some of the best talent in the industry and build strong networks with them.

Great Location

Commute easily to work from all locations at your convenience.

Education Opportunities

Get resources for developing your skills and knowledge to kickstart your career.

Food and Drinks

Enjoy free food and drinks available per individual choice.

Performance Award

Get awarded for better performance every 12 months and be recognized for your work.

Your Work Life at Data Safeguard™

At Data Safeguard™, we believe in working together, working hard and playing hard. We are looking for dynamic and creative individuals who are willing to dedicate themselves to developing innovative products in the Data Privacy and Synthetic Fraud segments.

Data Safeguard™, Besides getting the opportunity to unlock your true potential, at Data Safeguard you will also network with some of the most talented people in the industry and get mentorship as well as career guidance from them.