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The most dynamic Data Privacy and Synthetic Fraud product company, empowered with AI/ML technology starts operation.



Data Safeguard™ expands its operations

The Data Privacy implementation and Synthetic Fraud prevention company, Data Safeguard Inc., expands its Silicon Valley headquarters.

SANTA CLARA, California – On December 1st, 2021, Data Safeguard Inc., focused on sensitive and personal data protection and synthetic fraud prevention, expands its operations to support ever growing customer demand for its products.  The new state of the art center will enable the product and engineering teams to collaborate better with its global R&D teams. This move accommodates the company’s short-term and long-term operational growth plans. 

About Data Safeguard, Inc.

Data Safeguard helps corporations adhere to data privacy regulations and prevent synthetic fraud losses. Data Safeguard use artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to develop its technologically advanced and market disruptive products. The company’s expertise is a culmination of years of industry experience in data privacy, synthetic fraud, and AI/ML technology at some of the world’s top financial, healthcare, retail, and technology companies. Data Safeguard leverages a global network of R&D centers to develop its best-in-class Data Privacy and Synthetic Fraud products. For more information, visit www.DataSafeguard.ai.

Company Contact:

Robbert Emery, Chief Operating Officer

Data Safeguard, Inc.


Phone: (408) 655-4385

Current Events:

Tom Burt at highlights the importance of good community cyber hygiene to protect digital assets; including supply chains and customers’ personal and sensitive data (data privacy, data protection). Data Safeguard Inc., a part of that community, is focused on first line of defense products that prevent proliferation of sensitive and personal data, as well as detecting and preventing synthetic fraud losses.